“Sofia is a chaotic city, but it is an artistic type of chaos.”

Verdjinia is an artist from Sofia, Bulgaria, living in Switzerland since 2019. In her atelier in Zurich she gives art classes in painting, drawing and jewellery making. How did she get there and what her best marketing tools are, you’ll learn in this article.

How did you become a painter?

I studied at the National Academy of Art in Sofia. There I had my Bachelor in Painting and my Master in Digital arts (which includes sound design, video editing, projection mapping, etc.). Despite the interesting things I learned during my master’s , I preferred painting and drawing.


When did you start painting?

I was painting since a little child. I have always been drawn to art. Singing is also one of my hobbies. The question was never if I should follow the creative path, but rather if I would go for painting or music.

«At around 13 years I went to the National School of Fine Arts.»


At around 13 years I went to the National School of Fine Arts. My major there was painting, but I also studied sculpture, drawing and print graphics.

Tell me more about Sofia, the city.

It is chaotic, but it is an artistic type of chaos. There is a lot of street art.

In the city center you would find a lot of mural art and shops for handmade art. Literally all my friends there were creatives, it was normal to pursue a creative career path. The city has an interesting mixture of architecture. You can find the Communist-era architectural style and there are for example buildings from architects from Vienna (National Theater, St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral).

Everywhere you go you see street art. The city is very alive.

What made you move to Zurich?

I participated in a big art show in 2019 and lived here for a while, then I decided to stay here. The art show took place in Solothurn and is called Kunst Supermarkt.

For this show I had to paint at least 40 paintings in the time frame of a few months (which is an incredible amount of paintings). The show took place in November 2019 and I started painting in May. I had a one day workshop there where I presented my painting process. More than 100 artists from different countries took part.

Exhibition Kunst Supermarkt in 2019

How does painting make you feel?

I can switch off from everything, from the outside world. It helps to relax and to forget about certain things. It trains your self-awareness and to be in the moment. I also see those effects in my students. They are focused, not stressed and fully into the painting.

“I find inspiration in nature, in people, in psychology, in philosophy,in everything that is around us.“

«Night» in the style of Van Gogh

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by nature, by people, by psychology, by philosophy, by everything that is around us. I like to express not only what I see, but also what goes on in my mind.

I would say that I prefer surrealism as a style because it represents what I like in art in general. People can be inspired by the same thing, but express it in a different way.

Some business talk: How do you find students?

For me social media is very important, because most of my students find me there.

I use Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. I have a growing WhatsApp group where I promote my classes.

I announce my classes, create events, post photos and videos so more people can see and get inspired from them. I use all platforms pretty much the same way.

What is your experience with having a WhatsApp group for marketing purposes?

My WhatsApp group is with over 100 participants. I think it’s a very nice community and some people just followed and then decided to join a class that I announced. But there are also times when I’m not sure if people like it, because when there are many WhatsApp groups, they feel there’s too much information.

So I keep it active as it is a good marketing tool, but I feel like more people decide to join through from Facebook eventually.

Last but not least: What is your dream?

I just want to continue to develop my artistic skills. As a teacher I also like to share my skills with my students. It is nice to see how my students develop through our classes. I would like to share the beauty of art.


Hier findest du die Kunst und das Angebot von Verdjinia:

Instagram: verdjinia_stefani_art

Workshops: artclass_with_stefani

Facebook: www.facebook.com/verdjiniastefaniArt/

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